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Very Light Jets

2 – 4 passengers
700 – 1400 nautical miles

Very Light Jets (VLJs) represent a category of small, efficient, and cost-effective private jets designed for short to medium-range flights. These jets typically accommodate a limited number of passengers, often ranging from four to seven, and are well-suited for personal travel, air taxi services, or corporate transportation.

Ideal for short-to-medium-range and lightweight trips (under 10,000 pounds) due to their versatility and efficiency, Very Light Jets (VLJs) are designed for small groups of passengers. A VLJ can typically accommodate two to four people and combines jet cruising speeds with the ability to operate from smaller airports.

The wide variety of VLJs available encompasses diverse performance characteristics and payloads. Some larger VLJs can accommodate more baggage than others or might include a semi-private lavatory, while most are designed for small groups of people. All very light jets are powered by turbofan engines and feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety, and performance. Compared with turboprop aircraft, VLJs offer significant time savings by utilizing jet engines. Very light jets offer similar savings to turboprop jets due to lower operational costs. VLJs are generally configured in a VIP format to cater to executives and maximize passenger capacity.

Light Jets

6 – 7 passengers
1100 – 1900 nautical miles

Light jets offer a cost-effective and efficient option for short-to-medium-range flights, with superior speed and versatility compared to non-turbine aircraft. They can access smaller airports and boast cruising speeds of 440 mph with a range of 1,500 miles.

Light jets present a cost-effective and efficient choice for short-to-medium-range flights, offering greater flexibility, speed, and distance compared to non-turbine planes. They boast the advantage of accessing smaller airports beyond the reach of larger airliners. With an average cruising speed of 440 mph and a nonstop range of approximately 1,500 miles, they ensure swift and effective travel to your destination.

To enhance passenger experience, performance, and safety, light jet aircraft are equipped with pressurized cabins, with many featuring private or semi-private lavatories. However, it’s worth noting that baggage capacity and storage space may be limited on light jets, often unable to accommodate items like skis or large golf bags.

Super Light Jets

7 – 8 passengers
1700 – 1900 nautical miles
Midsize jets offer a perfect balance of efficiency, comfort, and performance for medium-length flights, boasting speeds of around 500 mph and a maximum range of approximately 2,100 miles. While some models may have limitations in baggage storage, all midsize jets guarantee the convenience of a full private lavatory, enhancing the overall flying experience.

Midsize jets epitomize the perfect blend of efficiency, comfort, performance, and economy, making them the preferred choice for medium-length flights. With superior capabilities over lighter models, these jets boast extended range and faster speeds, averaging around 500 mph and covering nonstop distances of up to approximately 2,100 miles, all while retaining the flexibility to access smaller airports. Essentially, midsize jets encapsulate the ideal fusion of range and accessibility, providing travelers with unparalleled convenience and versatility.

In terms of baggage accommodation, most midsize jets feature external storage options, ensuring ample space for luggage. However, certain models like the Hawker line may solely rely on internal compartments, which could pose limitations for oversized items like skis. Despite potential storage constraints, all midsize jets guarantee the provision of a full private lavatory, further enhancing the overall comfort and convenience of the flying experience.

Midsize Jets

8 – 9 passengers
1300 – 3000 nautical miles
Super light jets offer more cabin space and larger baggage compartments compared to light jets, accommodating seven to eight passengers for short-to-medium-range travel. Despite a slight increase in price, they provide increased range and the flexibility to land at smaller airports.

For those seeking an upgrade from the confines of a light jet, super light jets (SLJs) emerge as an enticing option. Beyond merely offering more cabin space, SLJs boast larger baggage compartments, catering to travelers’ need for comfort and convenience. Tailored for short-to-medium-range journeys, these aircraft typically accommodate between seven to eight passengers, making them ideal for small groups or corporate travel arrangements. The enhanced range of SLJs compared to their lighter counterparts, coupled with their expanded cabin space, renders them a compelling choice, striking a balance between efficiency and economy.

Moreover, the versatility of super light jets extends to their ability to access smaller airports, a feature that can significantly enhance travel convenience. Despite a marginal increase in price, the benefits are manifold, as SLJs provide additional amenities and a broader range, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. Whether for business or leisure, the allure of super light jets lies in their ability to offer enhanced comfort, flexibility, and safety, making them a preferred mode of travel for discerning passengers seeking the utmost in luxury and convenience.

Super Midsize Jets

8 – 10 passengers
2400 – 4000 nautical miles

Super midsize jets strike a balance between midsize and large jets, providing increased capacity, speed, and range without the need for a larger aircraft. Examples like the Falcon 50 offer luxurious amenities, spacious seating for 8 to 10 passengers, and longer ranges, making them efficient and comfortable for private jet travel.

Super midsize jets serve as an appealing compromise between midsize and large jets, catering to passengers seeking increased carrying capacity, speed, and range without the need for a larger aircraft. Renowned for their exceptional speed, quiet operation, and efficiency, these jets combine the comfort of a large jet with the versatility of a midsize one. Take, for instance, the Falcon 50, a prime example of a super midsize aircraft that offers an array of route options and luxurious amenities to private jet travelers.

In contrast to larger jet models, super midsize jets come equipped with a host of upscale amenities, enhancing both comfort and convenience during flights. With seating typically accommodating 8 to 10 passengers and boasting longer ranges compared to most midsize aircraft, these jets ensure a luxurious and efficient travel experience. Operating at average cruising speeds exceeding 500 mph, they offer swift and quiet travel, outmatching smaller corporate jets in performance. Moreover, ample space for external baggage and oversized items further adds to the appeal of super midsize jets, complemented by the inclusion of fully enclosed lavatories for enhanced privacy and convenience.

Large Jets

10 – 16 passengers
3600 – 6000 nautical miles
Large jets prioritize luxury and diverse amenities for long-haul flights, offering speeds of up to 530 mph and ranges of around 4,000 miles. Passengers enjoy a high standard of comfort with features like private lavatories, external baggage compartments, and onboard flight attendants providing safety and assistance.

With an emphasis on luxury and comprehensive amenity offerings tailored for extended charter flights, large jets redefine comfort and performance. These aircraft surpass their smaller counterparts in both speed and range, boasting average speeds of up to 530 mph and ranges extending approximately 4,000 miles, making them the premier choice for private jet travel enthusiasts.

Despite their size, large jets excel in providing comfort and performance, making them ideal for long-range executive travel while remaining versatile enough to operate from airports inaccessible to many major airlines. Passengers are treated to the epitome of luxury, with amenities including full private lavatories, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD systems, satellite phones, fax machines, and fully equipped galleys. Moreover, onboard flight attendants elevate the in-flight experience by ensuring additional safety measures, personalized comfort, and assistance with gourmet catering and entertainment, further enhancing the overall journey.

Ultra Long Range Jets

12 – 19 passengers
2500 – 6700 nautical miles

Ultra-long-range jets redefine air travel with up to 11 hours of non-stop flight time, accommodating 12 to 19 passengers in luxurious first-class comfort. These jets offer lavish amenities, including spacious seating, ample baggage storage, full bars, catering services, and private rooms, ensuring an indulgent travel experience.
Ultra-long-range jets redefine the parameters of air travel, offering unmatched endurance for journeys spanning states or continents. With the capability to sustain non-stop flights lasting up to 11 hours, these jets outshine their counterparts, ensuring passengers reach their destinations without the need for frequent stops or layovers. Tailored for extended voyages, ultra-long-range jets provide a seamless travel experience, accommodating between 12 to 19 passengers in lavish first-class seating arrangements. Whether embarking on transcontinental business trips or indulging in leisurely escapes to far-flung destinations, these jets offer unparalleled comfort and convenience throughout the journey.

Equipped with luxurious amenities and meticulously designed interiors, ultra-long-range jets elevate the in-flight experience to new heights of opulence. Beyond spacious seating configurations, these aircraft boast ample storage capacity, with baggage compartments capable of housing up to 100 suitcases, catering to the diverse needs of discerning travelers. Moreover, additional features such as full bars, gourmet catering services, and private rooms cater to passengers’ every whim, ensuring a journey characterized by indulgence and relaxation. Whether savoring the tranquility of a private room or mingling over cocktails at the onboard bar, passengers aboard ultra-long-range jets are treated to a bespoke travel experience that transcends the ordinary.

Turboprop Aircraft

6 – 8 passengers
700 – 1900 nautical miles
Turboprop aircraft offer superior range, speed, and comfort compared to piston planes while remaining cost-efficient. With speeds averaging 300 mph and non-stop ranges of around 1,000 miles, they are popular for short-to-medium-distance flights, though their baggage capacity is often limited.
Exceeding the capabilities of piston aircraft in range, speed, and comfort, turboprop aircraft maintain remarkable cost-efficiency. Powered by turbine propeller engines, they achieve speeds averaging 300 mph and boast non-stop ranges of approximately 1,000 miles, making them ideal for short-to-medium-distance flights while retaining the flexibility to operate from virtually any airport.

To enhance passenger experience, performance, and safety, many turboprop aircraft feature pressurized cabins and semi-private lavatories. However, it’s worth noting that these aircraft often have limited baggage capacity and storage space, which can be a drawback for travelers with extensive luggage requirements.

VIP Airliners

16 – 50 passengers
3800 – 6100 nautical miles
VIP Airliners, exemplified by the Boeing BBJ, offer unparalleled luxury and comfort, accommodating 15 to 30 passengers with customizable amenities. While ideal for long-haul and international flights, their high operating costs make them less suitable for short journeys.

Representing the pinnacle of convenience, opulence, and indulgence, VIP Airliners exemplify the epitome of luxury travel for discerning private jet clients. Transforming the sky into a lavish sanctuary, these super-large aircraft, epitomized by the Boeing BBJ, cater to the diverse needs of passengers with customizable in-flight amenities. Ranging in capacity from 15 to 30 passengers, these flying palaces offer spacious interiors designed for utmost comfort and relaxation.

Bearing the hallmarks of a true home in the sky, VIP Airliners boast ample storage space for luggage, oversized items, and limited cargo, ensuring that passengers can travel with ease and convenience. Moreover, their enhanced capabilities enable them to access routes inaccessible to smaller charter airliners, making them the preferred choice for long-haul and international flights. While VIP Airliners excel in providing unparalleled luxury and comfort, their high operating costs make them less suitable for short flights, emphasizing their role as the ultimate indulgence for those seeking a truly extraordinary travel experience. From dedicated cabin attendants to sleeper beds, private suites, and even showers, these aircraft spare no expense in ensuring that every aspect of the journey is imbued with luxury and sophistication.