Private Jet Charter

Renting a jet for individual trips offers the highest level of flexibility among all aircraft access options in the market.

Business Jet Charter

Experience the epitome of comfort, flexibility, and efficiency as you embark on your journey with us.

Tour by Private Jet

These tours allow travelers to explore multiple destinations in a single journey while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a private jet.

Medical Flights

World Air Support Jets are available to aid you or your loved ones whenever immediate medical care is necessary.


Receive an immediate quote for jet charters to and from your preferred destinations.


Explore instant quotes for private jet charters from and to popular airports worldwide.
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Super Light Jets

Super light jets offer more cabin space and larger baggage compartments compared to light jets, accommodating seven to eight passengers for short-to-medium-range travel. Despite a slight increase in price, they provide increased range and the flexibility to land at smaller airports.

Typical Seating

7 - 8

Nautical Miles

1700 - 1900

For those seeking an upgrade from the confines of a light jet, super light jets (SLJs) emerge as an enticing option. Beyond merely offering more cabin space, SLJs boast larger baggage compartments, catering to travelers' need for comfort and convenience. Tailored for short-to-medium-range journeys, these aircraft typically accommodate between seven to eight passengers, making them ideal for small groups or corporate travel arrangements. The enhanced range of SLJs compared to their lighter counterparts, coupled with their expanded cabin space, renders them a compelling choice, striking a balance between efficiency and economy.

Moreover, the versatility of super light jets extends to their ability to access smaller airports, a feature that can significantly enhance travel convenience. Despite a marginal increase in price, the benefits are manifold, as SLJs provide additional amenities and a broader range, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey. Whether for business or leisure, the allure of super light jets lies in their ability to offer enhanced comfort, flexibility, and safety, making them a preferred mode of travel for discerning passengers seeking the utmost in luxury and convenience.