Flight Support

In an age of specialists and complexity, your flight crew have their work cut out in the cockpit, especially if they’re operating into remote or unfamiliar places. What they don’t need is the additional pressures of flight planning and logistics.

That’s where World Air Support’s experts can make a difference. Our team is skilled at handling:


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Trip planning

Knowing how to plot optimal routes and flight plans quickly takes experience, especially with today’s proliferation of aircraft types. It’s a skill that our dispatchers and trip planners regularly apply by planning operations through the most remote locations on our planet. They plan for every eventuality – so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re starting a regular revenue service, preparing for a series of business journeys, setting out on a one-off adventure – anything, in fact – our comprehensive international trip planning services address every phase of your journey. They include:
▪ Personalised support
▪ Multilingual personnel
▪ Comprehensive arrangements
▪ 24-hour backup
▪ Strict compliance and quality assurance

Permits and permissions

Global air traffic regulations are diverse and constantly changing, as is the socio-political situation worldwide. Keeping track of everything that can impact a simple movement can turn into a nightmare of red tape. That’s where our team of professionals can make your life easier.

World Air Support can support you with:
▪ Flight permits and plans
▪ Route validation
▪ EuroControl compliance

Thanks to our relationships with civil aviation authorities and airports around the world, you’ll get the right support when you need it.

Ground handling

Everything that happens on the ground is designed to support safe, efficient operations, whether regular scheduled services or ad hoc movements. The principles are the same whatever the aircraft type.

At World Air Support, we offer bespoke ground handling services made possible by our in-depth knowledge of airports, FBOs and operational requirements. Our ground handling services include:
▪ Technical support functions
▪ Aircraft loading and unloading
▪ Ground power units
▪ Ramp handling and services
▪ Cabin replenishment
▪ Hangarage

Your safety is our first and last consideration.


The most basic requirement for aircraft operations can also be the most complex to plan if your movements take you into unfamiliar territory.

Will the correct mix for your aircraft be available?

At World Air Support, we apply our in-depth knowledge of airports, FBOs, aircraft type and mission requirements to make sure your individual needs are catered for. Among the services we can arrange are:
▪ Correct mix availability
▪ Dispenser/type compatibility
▪ Short turnaround
▪ Pre-paid and credit terms


The arrangements you make for your customers and crew at the end of each leg of their journey will be a key factor in whether the operation is a success. They will expect at least their ground transport, accommodation and catering needs to be met.

In these areas, it’s often the little details that matter most.

World Air Support’s professionals recognise this and work to make sure nothing is left to chance. Our concierge services include:
▪ Meet-and-greet services
▪ Hotel and restaurant bookings
▪ Ground transport
▪ Tour arrangements
▪ VIP selection (on request)

And when the unpredictable happens to upset arrangements, you can count on the World Air Support team to help retrieve the situation.